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How to reach Haridwar from Delhi

Haridwar, one of the holiest places for Hindu’s the holy city because of Mother Ganges getting into the pains after the foothills of Himaya covering an aerial distance of 140 Kms from Gangotri. Haridwar is one of the popular for pilgrims and spiritual seekers. The Peoples come Haridwar to have a holy dip on the Holy River Mother Ganges. There are many temples, shrines and ashrams for pilgrimage to prayer


This Holy City of Haridwar is well associated by Train, Road and by Air too, here we let you know how to reach haridwar from Delhi.


Delhi to Haridwar by Train

The most economical way to get Haridwar from Delhi is by Train, there are several trains do operate from Delhi’s Railway Stations and takes minimum 4 to 8 hrs to reach depending on the train’s route through how many cities the train is coming through.


Please find herewith the train schedule from Delhi to Haridwar

Train No. Train Name Dep. Arr. Taken Time M T W T F S S Classes
19609 UDZ HW EXP 02:38 10:30 07:52 N Y N N Y N Y 2A  3A  SL
19031 HARIDWAR MAIL 04:21 12:10 07:49 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1A  2A  3A  SL
19019 DEHRADUN EXP 05:40 14:40 09:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A  3A  SL
12017 DEHRADUN SHTBDI 06:45 11:30 04:45 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y EC  CC
14317 IND DDN EXPRESS 11:25 17:25 06:00 Y N N N N N Y 2A  3A  SL
22659 DEHRADUN EXP 12:55 18:45 05:50 N N N N N N Y 2A  3A  SL
18477 UTKAL EXPRESS 15:00 21:00 06:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A  3A  SL
12055 DDN JANSHTBDI 15:20 19:33 04:13 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y CC  2S
14041 MUSSOORIE EXP 22:25 06:05 07:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1A  2A  3A  SL
12205 NANDA DEVI EXP 23:50 03:52 04:02 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1A  2A  3


Delhi to Haridwar by Air

If you are not in budget, then the Nearest Airport of Haridwar is in Dehradun located at a distance of 38 Kms from Haridwar. Dehradun is well connected with Delhi by Air with several flights operating since early morning till late evening, can have a 50 minutes flight from Delhi to Haridwar and back to Delhi, please find here with the list of operating nonstop flights from the capital city of Delhi to the Holy City Haridwar


Flight Operating by Jet Airways

9W – 633 (Dep. 0610 hrs / Arr. 0710 hrs)

9W – 149 (Dep. 1105 hrs / Arr. 1200 hrs)

9W – 652 (Dep. 1650 hrs / Arr. 1800 hrs)


Flight Operating by Indigo Air

6E – 964 (Dep. 1120 hrs / Arr. 1210 hrs)

6E – 966 (Dep. 1300 hrs / Arr. 1350 hrs)

6E – 246 (Dep. 1645 hrs / Arr. 1740 hrs)


Flight Operating by Spice Jet

SG – 124 (Dep. 1145 hrs / Arr. 1235 hrs)

SG – 2515 (Dep. 1620 hrs / Arr. 1720 hrs)


Delhi to Haridwar by Road

There are buses available too between both cities and the charges of Air-conditioned Volvo Bus services is INR 350 one way. Again if you are not in budget, the most recommendable way to get haridwar is hire a taxi from any Transport Operator to enjoy your Haridwar Trip through the beautiful countryside with lots of flexibility to use the vehicle as per your planned way. Hire a Taxi for both way from Delhi to Haridwar and back to Delhi and an option to visit Rishikesh which is just 40 minute’s drive away from Haridwar


Cost of A/c Taxi Charges starts from INR 4500 to 6500, depends on the vehicle you hire from the transporters.


Cost of Air-conditioned Wagon-R (2 Seater) Charges                : INR 4500

Cost of Air-conditioned Swift Dzire (4 Seater) Charges             : INR 6000

Cost of Air-conditioned Toyota Innova (6 Seater) Charges        : INR 7500


Most of the Indian and Foreign Nationals traveling to North India ways do enjoy the famous Golden Triangle and club that with Haridwar and Rishikesh too, wish to have a holy dip on the Ganges then our Golden Triangle with Haridwar Rishikesh Tour suites all your requirements

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